Handspring Visor Edge Organiser

Handspring Visor Edge Organiser
Handspring Visor Edge Organiser
Brand: Handspring
Product Code: 669
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Released:- 2001
Made:- Unknown
Display:- 160 x 160, 16 grey levels
Batteries:- Lithium-Ion
Size:- 7.9 cm wide by 12.8 cm deep by 1.3 cm high
Weight 164 grams.
Functions:- Address Book, To Do List, Memo, Mail, Expense, Hot Sync Manager, World clock, Alarm, Date Book, Scientific 14-digit Calculator
Memory:- 8 MB RAM, 2 MB ROM, Palm OS 3.5.2
Keyboard:- Touch screen, Stylus pen.
PC Sync:- Yes, by a cradle and serial port.
Notes:- Microprocessor Motorola DragonBall Z MC68VZ328 at 33 MHz. Available in three colours, Metallic Blue, Metallic Silver, and Metallic Red

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