Mauritron Publications

Mauritron Publications

We have a range of publications produced by us for vintage equipment enthusiasts.
From valve wireless to video recorders and all in between.
We're transferring them all to this department shortly.
Meantime the list below is the current range of titles available.
If interested in any which are not yet in the shop via the links below the list then please ask and we will add it for you.

MP-1 Ferguson 3787 Fault Repair Guide
MP-10 CMOS Digital IC's
MP-11 Panasonic U1
MP-12 Thorn 3500 Fault Repair Guide
MP-127 Index of Radio & tv
MP-13 Thorn 9000 Fault Repair Guide
MP-14 Philips G11 Fault Repair Guide
MP-15 Thorn 8000 Fault Repair Guide
MP-16 Pye G8 Fault Repair Guide
MP-165 CB Data Reference
MP-17 Pye KT3 Fault Repair Guide
MP-173 Valve Amplifier Construction
Mp-18 TV Chassis Guide
MP-19 Dialling Codes
MP-2 Panasonic TC361 Fault Repair Guide
MP-20 Mono Tube Equivalents
MP-201 Reel Tape Recorder Servicing
MP-206 Video Faults Volume 1
MP-207 Satellite Faults Volume 1
MP-21 Scart System
MP-218 Video Equivalents 2
MP-22 Vintage Valve Servicing 1
MP-220 Manufacturers Equivalents
MP-232 Drive Cord Arrangements
MP-236 Frequency Wavelength Chart
MP-237 Dating a Vintage Wireless
MP-238 Telefunken Valve Data
MP-239 GEC Receivers Valve Guide
MP-24 Transistor Equivalents
MP-240 American Ballast Tubes
MP-241 Valve Equivalents 2
MP-25 Valve Equivalents 1
MP-26 Valve Characteristics
MP-27 Valve Designation Systems
MP-28 Valve Testers Databook
MP-283 Television Equivalents
MP-284 Taylor 45C Valve Data
MP-29 AVO CT160 Valve Tester
MP-3 Pye CT200 Fault Repair Guide
MP-30 Valve Wireless Faults
MP-31 Pye 725 Fault Repair Guide
MP-32 Panasonic Fault Repair Guide
MP-33 Mono TV Repairs
MP-34 TTL Databook
MP-35 Vintage Wireless Servicing 2
MP-36 CV Type Valve Equivalents
Mp-37 TDA-4600 Power Supplies
MP-38 Mullard Teletext Decoder
MP-39 Akai 9300 Fault Repair Guide
MP-40 CB Radio Circuits Manual
MP-41 Ferguson 9600 Fault Repair Guide
MP-42 Ferguson TX10 Fault Repair Guide
MP-43 Ferguson 3V22 Fault Repair Guide
MP-44 Betamax Video Fault Guide
Mp-45 Grundig CUC
MP-49 Bush Z718 Fault Repair Guide
MP-5 Video Recorder Repair Guide
MP-50 Baird 8750 Fault Repair Guide
MP-51A Military Vol 1A
MP-51B Military Vol 1B
MP-52A Military Vol 2A
MP-52B Military Vol 2B
MP-53 Military vol 3
MP-54 Military Vol 4
MP-55 TX9 Fault Repair Guide
MP-57 G11 Teletext
MP-58 VHS Video Principles
MP-6 Thorn TX100 Fault Repair Guide
MP-60 AVO Transistor Analyser
MP-7 Transistor Radio Repair Guide
MP-8 Record Player Speed Disc
Mp-9 Power Supplies

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