Psion Organiser II

Psion Organiser II

The Psion Organiser II came in 4 versions.
Model CM has a 2 line display and 8k
Model XP has a 2 line display and 16k
Model LZ has a 4 line display and 32k while
Model LZ64 has a 4 line display and 64k memory.

They all have a 6303 microprocessor, an LCD, two slots for memory cartridges and a connector for expansion. The keyboard is calculator-like with the keys arranged alphabetically. There's no “off” key — the machine is switched off by a menu command. The case is also styled like a calculator, but it has a handy slide-on cover to keep the keyboard safe when the machine is not in use.

The Organiser came with its own proprietary programming language, OPL (for Organiser Programming Language). It's a bit like a structured form of BASIC, and development tools were available for the PC.

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Psion Organiser II Model CM
Works fine but is in well used condition. Would make a nice filler for your collection or else as a ..
Psion Organiser II Model XP
In very good condition apart from a couple of minor scratches from age this is the XP version of the..
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